The Unreliability of Personality Type Tests

OK folks. Here it is. Proof-positive of what I believe about how unreliable personality tests are. I decided to take one for myself. And, like my results below, the questionnaire itself was not detailed. It even says so in my results for crying out loud! I mean, come on! How can a personality test give you specific results if the questions themselves are so broad?

In addition to this test I also took one or another of those tests on personality types that I found in Psychology Today*. I took the damn thing 5 times with completely different answers every time.
The results? All the frickin’same.

My Results: You scored somewhere in the middle between introversion and extroversion, which means that you draw characteristics from both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes, you need time to yourself, preferring to think things through on your own. Other times, you enjoy interacting with others. Overall, you are likely a fairly outgoing person who occasionally opts for solitude. You likely need a balance of alone time and time with others in your life because you can become a little overwhelmed if you ignore the introverted side of yourself.

Oh, and get this. They have to nerve to stick this Disclaimer right where you can’t possibly miss it:

“This questionnaire can’t tell you exactly what you are like; it doesn’t go into enough detail and only helps you ask questions about the way you behave and make decisions in your occupation. Don’t rely on it to tell you what your personality is like but use it to think about the different ways that people go about doing things. Read each description, ask yourself if it sounds like you (and it may not!)”

I mean, come on.. Seriously??  “…ask yourself if it sounds like you (and it may not.)”

Ya think?

Hey!  AKH to test-dudes!  Going out on a limb much there? You people are the kind of risk-takers, cutting-edge…’hey, show-me-how-fast-you-can-make-this-thing-go kind of people. Tests to identify your unique personality? Hey! psych-geek, do I look like a roger?!

My point?

The Wakefield Doctrine   is a useful thing, maybe not a, “hey I get paid to sit in some office and maybe teach college freshmen psych students to worry about whether they might be gay or something” type thing, but a theory of personality which at least gives you an accurate assessment of “who” you are…no, wait…let’s put it this way: the Wakefield Doctrine is both usable and useful!

Example: you find out you are a clark and somebody says, “hey I got a cousin who works at a car lot and they need more people, he says you can make a lot of money!”
Doctrine says: don’t even try to convince yourself, don’t waste a minute of thought on getting this job, ’cause you will get the job and you will not make any money.

Example: your sister calls and says to you: ”my husband has a friend at work who would be perfect for you and he is one of the best engineers in the whole place.”
Doctrine says: jeez I would love to spend an evening listening to a roger talk about themselves…as long as we don’t have to do anything fun.

Example: you’re at a party and you discover that the guy your friend brought along for you to meet is talking to everybody even though he doesn’t know any of them. He is joking and laughing and everyone is paying attention to him.
Doctrine says:  er… that is a scott…great fun if you don’t mind spending the night in jail or the emergency room.

Believe or not, the Wakefield Doctrine ain’t hard to grasp. It will allow you to understand everyone else. And when I say understand everyone else, I mean just that. Equipped with the knowledge about the 3 types you will know how anyone is going to react in any situation! Think that would give you the advantage over them or what?

So get on over to the Wakefield Doctrine  right now. No… I’m talking to that other person sitting in front of the computer. Jeez. Hey, when you get to the Doctrine look at the upper right hand side of the page. Stop reading this and start reading that! Go to each ‘bio page’ (clarks, scotts, and rogers).

After you have done that, come back here tell me why you regret not having done it sooner. I’m being totally, 100% serious. (hey, I don’t care how fast you think you can read, you are not done yet, get back there!)

The Wakefield Doctrine is not just some crazy idea thought up by someone for your entertainment (though it is fun once you start applying it). It is an authentic, dynamic theory. And remember, everyone has some characteristics of each. So don’t let that throw you off. It is the predominance of one (of the three types) that makes you either a clark, a scott or a roger. Don’t try to be the one you think is best. When I first read ‘em I never would’ve thought of myself as a scott because scotts seemed to be very brash in an irreverent way. Self-absorbed. Why is it that everyone tends to view the scotts as the bad guys? (btw, we’re not) But I digress.

The point is, when you read about the three types (clarks, scotts and rogers), they are tangible. Specific. Easy to grasp. Unlike all of those other personality theories out there. Did I just put the Doctrine into a league of its’ own? Now what does that tell you? Correct. That the Doctrine is a plausible theory of personality types. Damn. That’s frickin’ right. A plausible theory that can be applied to every person regardless of gender or culture.

Don’t believe me? Then go to this link, take their frickin’ test and then come right back (hey rogerian academic dudes!! Here ya go.. a couple more “she is making us take your test” Readers)

Now click this…

*Based on the Five Factor Model credited to Goldberg, Costa and McRae, this test is designed to provide you with valuable insight into your character, aptitudes, and disposition. It is based on the theory that all human personality traits belong to one of five broad dimensions of personality. Each of the five main personality traits stretches along a continuum. The personality traits tested in the questionnaire are consistent cross-culturally, and are fairly stable over time, beginning in young adulthood. An understanding of your position on each dimension can provide you with valuable insight into your personality.

What??!! Notice the use of “broad dimensions of personality.” Emphasis on the word broad. I rest my case.

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7 Responses to The Unreliability of Personality Type Tests

  1. clarkscottroger says:

    yeah, not that clarks they want to have fun, but the simple fact of the matter this is not just about knowing shit ( which is a clark’s idea of fun) but about doing things (them scotts, they sho do enjoy doing stuff) and roger…who feel that even though we are all damn wet on this, they can’t ignore the sound of fun coming from the group up ahead.
    …that group being progenitors and downsprings.. so sure the Wakefield Doctrine will help you understand people, it will also give you new ways to fuck with ’em and it will let you in on a secret about those folks who think they know everything…primo gossip, yo

  2. clarkscottroger says:

    fun? lots of fun…like sex…it’s real fun with another person but if there’s no one around…

    • Point taken. Having fun with the Doctrine at the expense of others is certainly not the intention of the Doctrine when it comes to fun. So let’s start over.

      We have fun because we see clarks and scotts and rogers out there in the world and they act just like the Wakefield Doctrine tells us they should act! And if it makes you laugh, then you will be learning the whole thing about which are clarks and which are scotts and which are rogers. To borrow some examples from the Doctrine, below you can appreciate not only how much fun the Doctrine is, but also gain more knowledge, more insight on how to spot each of the three.

      ■You immediately stop surfing the channels when you come upon a show that uses only black and white documentary photos and film…you might be a roger
      ■You totally love Christmas lawn decorations and cannot imagine having too many lights… you might be a scott
      ■You find a flier stuck under the windshield wiper of your car and you take the time to read it… you might be a clark.
      ■You are asked a question and you start to answer with “in the beginning…” you might be a clark
      ■You are addressed by the wrong name and you answer to it without correction… you might be a clark
      ■You are building model cars/ships/planes, you always put the extra parts back in the box along with the re-folded instructions for future safekeeping…you might be a roger
      ■You happen to be at a golf tournament and feel that it is expected of the members of the gallery to yell anything (including but not limited to “get it in the hole”)…you might be a scott
      ■You are contemplating a project of any sort; a new deck or a term paper, writing a resume or planting a garden and you:

      ■look forward to making the list of things you need to buy/gather/acquire first more than anything else…you might be a clark
      ■you must know what your friends on the ’do it yourself’ shows have done, that is what you want…you might be a roger

      Kind of fun, eh?

  3. Khalid Marzook says:

    100% agree that those personality tests are just plainly fake! ..

    Some websites have the nerve to say something among these line “Do you want to know your personality? Well, you’ve come to the right place! For only $19.99 you could have a full detailed report about your traits, in addition to a FREE guide on how to improve your specific type” .. improve what? What specific type? How could a few BROAD questions tell those “rogers” LOL about my personality?

  4. clarkscottroger says:

    yeah! but as a scottian female-type person-based lifeform, will you please tell me how I have any fun with your little theory of personality?
    I mean, like all the people I know who know about this stuff are like, ‘hey wanna play video games’?* or ‘hey you don’t read?’
    Please give us some guidance.

    *do they even call them video games, anymore?

    • In a nutshell I’d have to say that one of the most advantageous aspects of the Wakefield Doctrine is being able to see the world through the eyes of another, be it a clark, a scott or a roger. With this knowledge you will not only understand their behavior but be able to predict what they’ll do and how they’ll react in any given situation.

      For example: Wanna yank somebody’s chain just for the fun of it? (yes, we’re talking about those hilarious scotts) There is a group of rogers (gee, who would’ve guessed there’d be a herd of ‘em hangin’ around the water fountain at work discussing the next version of the encyclopedia for engineers). You (scott) go running up to them screaming and laughing (it has been said of scotts: I scream, therefore I am) as loud as you can for no apparent reason. The rogers will be dazed and confused. You’ll notice the panic in their eyes and the uncomfortable shuffling around of the herd looking for some way to escape. It’s frickin’ hilarious!!

      Or maybe you’re a clark . At a party or any social function, for example, clarks can be seen on the fringes trying to figure out what the hell they can do to assimilate themselves to the people who are laughing and having a ball. (who? the loud one in the middle of everything? Yep, he’s a scott.) However, while being a so-called outsider and appearing to be daydreaming, a clark is, in fact, scrutinizing the situation. Don’t be fooled. A clark is not completely detached. In fact, if a clark is in the company of, let’s say, two or more scotts, his scottian side comes out loud and clear. It‘s very unexpected. But let me tell you, I‘ve witnessed the phenomenon. It‘s like watching a person being possessed. Really!! All of the sudden there will be f-bombs being strewn about, the uncontrollable laughter and the rarely seen outrageous verbal attack on the rogers. Try to imagine this coming from a quiet, unassuming clark. It’s a riot! I can only imagine that once we (the scotts) are gone the clark must be rapidly shaking his head wondering what the hell just happened.

      Rogers? They’re every frickin’ where. Almost always seen amongst their “own”, thus the herd-like characteristic. And although they are friendly, they do not usually leave the sanctuary of the other herd-like members. And they are happy there. However, unlike the often uninspiring perception of a group of cows, rogers are very intelligent. They are the engineers, the accountants and the historians. They are the glue that holds society together. But they are also, for the most part, boring. So if you want to go out on a date and listen to the history of civilization and be totally bored to tears a roger is your guy.

      So there you have it. Take what you will and have fun with it. Use your knowledge of the Wakefield Doctrine and the three types of personalities (clarks, scotts and rogers) and run with it, whether it be in a practical manner or just to have some fun.

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