Spotting the 3 Personality Types at Holiday Celebrations

May 27, 2011  By clarkscottroger


 Quick post today. Still a bit confused trying to decipher which of the three (clark, scott or roger) you and those around you are? Check out this video over at the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scott and rogers) and I guarantee you’ll not only “get it” but will be totally beside yourself with amusement this holiday weekend as you celebrate at the cookouts, parades, etc… and are finally able to spot ’em. You’ll finally have your “eureka” moment that’s been eluding you for so long. That is to say, the answer to the age-old question “Why do people act/say/do the things they do?”

So have at it and come back and tell me how much fun it was. Oh, and Happy Memorial Day! It’ll definitely be a memorable one…

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2 Responses to Spotting the 3 Personality Types at Holiday Celebrations

  1. clarkscottroger says:

    that is a correct assessment and (follow-up) suggestion, Ms. AKH

    If you have your people call us at our lil ol Saturday Drive tonight, make ’em say, “Ms. AKH sent us!!”

    hell, maybe we’ll set ’em up with they own (nearly free) Wakefield Doctrine hat (for their damn heads).

    • Excellent idea. Unfortunately since I missed the opportunity to tell you all about the Live Saturday Night Call-in last night I would suggest that you digest what you’ve learmed and applied this holiday weekend and share with us next Saturday night. We look forward to all comments and questions. All the info you need regarding the Live Doctrine Call-in is on the upper right-hand of the side bar. With your new found knowledge of the three types of personalities of the Wakefield Doctrine (clarks, scotts and rogers) I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss. We’d love to hear you “eureka” moments and any questions you may have.

      Oh yeah, and the hats (for your damn heads)… you may have noticed the hat on the dashboard during the video. See how it says clark in red? Yep, you guessed it. That’s our clark-like Progenitor of the Wakefield Doctrine and orator of the video. Wouldn’t you like one too with your “type” in red? Makes for a great conversation piece among other things. So give us a holler Saturday night* or feel free to leave a comment. They are always welcome.

      *conf# 1-218-339-0422, access code 512103

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