OK class settle down. CSR101 is in session. Progenitor Roger you have the floor…

January 8, 2010  By clarkscottroger 2 Comments

( from the Roger);

     AttentionCompany!   Shoulder… Arms!  By the right flank, by files left…March!  By Company into line…March!  Halt!  Order… Arms!  In place…Rest!   ( from Brig. Gen. Wm. Hardee’s North Carolina Drill Manual, pub. 1862)

Ahh… I sometimes dearly miss the ritual of getting the attention of a group of surly re-enactors. ( Mostly rogers with guns and edged weapons, for God’s sake.) We rogers do so love a bit of pageantry now and then.

The point to all that is to get your attention, of course. I had really planned on doing a quite straightforward post here, so please forgive the indulgence. I will now get right to it.

By its very nature, the theme of this blog project needs to be repeated now and then for the sake of newcomers. Hopefully should eliminate some of that ” deer in the headlights” syndrome ( or is that just me…). And hopefully, there will be a newcomer every so often… and if they’re browsing through all the old posts, it would be good if there were one of these ” primers” laying around. So… CSR 101.

The main “voice” in this project is Clark. He is the originator of the theory. He started this blog, set up its format, checks the pertinent numbers, dots all the ‘i’s. I am Roger; I’ll do posts as the spirits command me, and until now, they have been little ” performance pieces”  from my point of view. This is the first time that I have addressed you, the inquisitive public, in a primary ” first-person” voice. As you will discern for yourselves, the forum is open to all, and there have been some very engaging conversations thus far.

The main premise to the Wakefield Doctrine is that there are three fundamental personality types in the world. Clark and I discovered this years ago ( we are both older than dirt) through extensive discussion, debate, examination ( both the big ones and the little ones). And, being typically self- indulgent Americans, we eventually named the types after ourselves. Narcissism, plain and simple. Who, we asked the very heavens, was more important in the world than we? The Cosmos did not answer back, so… there it was. The theory of Clarks, Scotts, and Rogers. And, as a by-product, we also developed the idea that there are only three jobs in the world; scientist, salesman, and machine operator. And wouldn’t you know, the two classifications seem to interact in an almost prophetic fashion.

A brief description of each;

ClarksVery cerebral by nature. Not necessarily a quiet personality, but very internally involved. Seemingly very conservative externally, there is likely a maelstrom of  abstract thinking going on in there. Scientists at the core. They think things up, invent things and ideas.

Scotts Very competitive and aggressive at heart. Very confident, socially outgoing in a particularly pack-oriented manner. Scotts are typically salesmen by nature. Their concerns are always highly self-motivated, and have a tremendous sense of forward momentum.

Rogers Very group- associated thinkers, very socially oriented.  Moderation, balance, and a sense of overall order are paramount. Machine operators at their core, they thrive in a detail- oriented environment.

That’ s not all, of course. This is just re-stating the ground rules.  The intriguing truth of all this is that everything and everyone, ever will somehow fit into this framework. Look at yourself, your environment, anything in your universe, and it will work its way into this. Very seldom is any one person strictly defined by just one category; we are all maddeningly complicated combinations of all three. But with some poignantly uncomfortable self-analysis, you’ll find yourself gravitating more towards one type than the others. That is precisely when it starts to make sense. The stark clarity of it will give you a perspective that no one else around you has. You can not only recognize other people’s core natures, but you can predict with astounding accuracy how they will act in any situation.

Here’s a quick example: I’m a roger. I have done lots of different things in my life, but I identify myself primarily as a musician. I can play guitar better than most people I meet, and am quite comfortable, conversant, capable, and oriented towards the environment of professional musicianship. Pretty impressive, eh? Most people would say so. Does that make me better than them? Better than you? No, actually. But it does mean that I’m a damned good machine operator; meaning that I am skilled at a very particular thing in a very particular environment. That’s all. And that also means that there are many, many things that I haven’t a clue about, because I’ve spent so much time obsessing on the one thing. I can’t fix my toaster, but if you need to know what modal scale to use over a II-V-I chord change, I’m on it. Guy down the street makes a good living fixing toasters; I’ m just hungry because mine doesn’t work. Chew on that, Guitar Boy.

Well, that’s probably enough CSR for one day. I’ve got to go have another crack at that toaster. Now, let’s see… put the fork in, then plug it in…


  1. clarkscottrogerthe clark says:

    (rapping knuckles on table top; a manner of applause)

    Well said. Say what you will, the rogers have the eq on their ‘voice’ (audible/text/whatever) set on comfortable and accessible. Compliments on the straight forward presentation, content levels very (well) balanced.

    I look forward to this development, i.e. the Doctrine being presented from a rogerian perspective, as I was beginning to run out of parenthesises’s(s) and now will be able to spend more time on other projects (within the Wakefield Doctrine).
    There is much work to be done ‘backstage’ around here, the Pages and other content. Also there are some projects such as the Easy Test to Determine If you Are a clark or a scott or a roger. (ETDIACSR) (otherwise known as the ‘eddy act ser’).

    And maybe I will have time to learn to speak Slovenian, something I have been thinking of lately.

    To amplify (ha ha) what the roger has said, the  challenge here at the Doctrine has been not only to explain the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) to the world at large, but to do it in a manner that speaks to each of the three (kinds of people) that are reading this thing of ours. So hopefully you will begin to see Posts written by scotts as well.

    Again, compliments to the roger, (and you had better keep up with the homework assignments! If I get a note from the roger that you have been slacking off…I will be disappointed and there will be no music videos until you have finished).
    (Now if you will excuse me, there was a bunch of Readers from the UK that came by Thursday and drove the visit stats through the roof, and I need to speak to them. I know who you are Canterbury UK! and we need to have a word.)

  2. mjm says:

    January 9, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    This was well done – of course being a roger myself what else would I think. Quite enjoyed it – that’s all I can say – look forward to more rogerian articles.

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