Let’s try a little experiment to better understand the 3 personality types (clarks, scotts and rogers) of the Wakefield Doctrine

In order to move forward let’s take a look back. I believe that this little “exercise” will finally make Wakefield Doctrine more understandable (and applicable) for you, our readers.  We’ve been saying this all along, but perhaps some participation will help. Think of someone in your past who really left an impression on you, negative or positive. Could be a boss, an old girlfriend, anyone really. Was he/she loud and obnoxious (scott)? Maybe a bit long-winded (roger)? Or just out in another world (clark)?

I’ll give you an example of how the Doctrine allowed me to understand why this person wasn’t just obnoxious and self-centered (in this case). It gave me the name, the personality type by which to identify/explain these people and their behavior as opposed to a list of some general random descriptions (i.e. he’s obnoxious, she’s self-centered, …) One single word will sum up each person and will make complete sense. Remember, I started off where you are in terms of getting the Doctrine. At the time, I didn’t even know what the WD was. So keep that in mind as you read the following true story that I am now able to identify and understand why they behaved the way they did.

Several years ago I was a full-charge bookkeeper and assistant to the Controller (Charlie) of a manufacturing company. He was no doubt a scott (just look at his title!). Apparently there had been others before me who did not last long working with Charlie. Most likely rogers, as they do not have the propensity for standing up against outspoken, egotistical outsiders. What a bunch of frickin’ spineless, whimpering babies. Didn’t seem to bother Charlie. Being a true scott, he went on with the business at hand, unperturbed, pretending to be oblivious to his effect on people all the while knowing he was superior, making those sissy-assed rogers squirm in their seats. What an ego! It was surprising that he didn’t fall over from weight of his large head. Very condescending with that smug grin on his face.

Needless to say (what a dumb phrase-just frickin’ say it), there were several rogers at the company who couldn’t stand the guy. Oh they’d talk about him alright. In those little huddles with hushed tones looking around to make sure he wasn’t within earshot. They were all of the opinion that I wouldn’t last a month working for Charlie. Being a scott myself, I set out not only to prove their stupid asses wrong, but to prove I could stand up to another scott without my tail between my goddamn legs. And you ask “so did you?” You bet your ass I did. Long story short, Charlie and I got along quite well, constantly “sparring” in a supposedly “innocent” manner. Overtly, and sometimes subliminally, testing each other, each of us knowing that we were right. I outlasted my predecessors by 2 years before I had to leave due to personal reasons (no, absolutely NOT the result of working with Charlie). In retrospect, it was actually quite stimulating working with know-it-all asshole.

Now go try it. You’ll be surprised how it will all make complete sense now.


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4 Responses to Let’s try a little experiment to better understand the 3 personality types (clarks, scotts and rogers) of the Wakefield Doctrine

  1. …’for my damn head’, right?
    Hey, what the hell is the tie-in with the damn music vid? I’m a clark and I could sort of ‘make it work’…but you’re a scott, what the hell? …your inner clark taking control of your higher mental functions?*

    * …or what?

    • Of course ‘for your damn head.’ Our regular readers should know this by now. For the sake of our new readers thanks for clarifying. (whatever..)

      Did you read the title of the vid? Light bulb going off for ya now?

      Were I to be a roger (eww) I would give you a more-detailed explanation. But I’m a scott. So go ask a roger.

      My inner clark? Perhaps in a momentary lapse of reason. Damn I hate it when that happens. Oh, and fuck you. You think you’re smarter than me you cerebral-headed clark?

  2. clark says:

    hey, I like the sounds of this fuckin Doctrine thing, but I gotta ask, do ya got hats?

    • i’ll tell you what, if you come back here and share your experience or just the fact that you couldn’t believe how accurate this damn thing is we’ll be more than happy to give you a hat.

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