Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves

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Alright.  This is the topic for today: ” OK Mr/Ms. Wakefield Doctrine, I get the premise, so what do I do next?”

I’m glad you asked…

The first and most important thing to do is take what you know and look around you.  Don’t worry so much about which of the three (clark or scott or rogeryou are, rather look at the people in your life and see which they are.  There are two good reasons for this approach; 1) first you will realize (after the second or third ‘identification’) that, “holy smoke! there are such things as clarks, scotts and rogers” , and b) seeing others exhibit the characteristics of the types will make it easier to know which of the three you are!
(It totally bears repeating one of the most basic of the premiseses…we are all born with the capacity to experience the world as a clark or a scott or a roger. The idea is that we get into the habit of seeing it (the world) as one (type as opposed to the other two) that we become either a clark or a scott or a roger.  It is quite normal at this point of learning the Wakefield Doctrine to say : “Hey! Mr/Ms Doctrine person/thingie, sometimes I am a roger and sometimes I am a scott…(I don’t think I am a clark…at least I hope not), what’s up with that?” )

The answer is, “don’t worry about it at this stage, you cannot do this Doctrine thing wrong.  As long as you look for the characteristic view of the world of the others, eventually your own predilection will become undeniable”.  And besides, you are all three (..roger…), haven’t you been paying attention to all of this? (“But then you know how animals with ears like yours…”) Oh sorry, wandered off for a second.  That quote?  Ask me another time, you are so not ready for the Lady, someday when the time is right I will tell you about her.

So the point is, you can’t break anything and the chances are at this stage you are the only person you know that is aware of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  Take your time, get comfortable with identifying others and  your own nature will eventually become obvious.  Actually your own nature is already obvious, the scottian reader will have already looked around and if in the right situation will be braying to all around them “hey you are such scottish person, this guy says you are and he’s so funny…” OK, calm down. I promise you that if you defer immediate gratification and really learn

the Doctrine (yeah, right scott) it will be much more useful to you…. (ok, how about this: HEY!! HEy! hey scott, hold off for a while and not only will you get more rogers than you can eat, but you will also learn how to handle those weird clarks…you know the people who act like food most of the time, they don’t fight back…most of the time, kinda interesting but  you never really know where you stand with them…stay with us here at the Wakefield Doctrine and you will be the biggest, baddest scott theys ever seen.)
…I promise…now…sit……goood scott.

Sorry, back on topic now. (Those scotts do demand attention, lol). As I was saying, “don’t worry, no rush, you will understand this Doctrine thing all in good time. We have all been where you are and will be here when you are ready to take the next step.

So a quick review of primary characteristics of clarks and scotts and rogers.

clarks: quiet, tend to mumble and are on the “brainy” side (not geeks who tend to be rogers) but clarks are the ones who are living in their own heads.  If you want to know about anything that normal people don’t have the time to learn about, clarks are the people you will go to… there is one in your life, close but you just haven’t noticed them.  clarklike females will dress from the “androgyny fashion collection” mix and mix, especially shoes… the clarklike males will be grey(with a splash of beige)  and have virtually no eye contact when speaking to you, which if they do, will consist of strings of incomplete sentences.

scotts: never stop moving, never stop talking, never fuckin’ stop…sports fans to a person…your scott is the one who introduces themselves whether they are entering a situation where they are the stranger or there is a stranger entering the setting where the scott  already is…when you move to a new place, the neighbor who comes to “welcome you to the neighborhood” that’s your scott…always helpful as long as “completing the task” is not the priority…scottian females…always attractive/seductive/commanding/demanding depending on the context, scottian males…always in charge…the person best described as “not always right but never uncertain…”

rogers: the most social and accommodating person you know, the roger is, in fact, most likely your family doctor, your family lawyer, your family accountant, emphasis on family…the person who knows the family history and insists that you come to the family reunion that’s your roger, the one who knows how many forks should be on which side of the plate…there’s your rogerian female…want to have a long conversation?…talk to a roger, they make it so easy to talk about yourself…the rogerian male will be well dressed and if you want to know if ascots and large briarwood pipes are still worn and/or smoked you will find the roger when you see either of them and if you want to imagine settling down and raising a family with a beautifully decorated home and be a member in all the right clubs and organisations…then a rogerian female will be near by.

There you have it, our  pocket guide to “Spotting the clarksscotts and rogers“.  Have fun with this, and don’t worry so much.  They will demonstrate their characteristics, totally un-necessary to ask and probing, “are you a…”/”what would you do in…”/”If you could be…” kinds of questions.

Don’t  get me started on all the other fancy-schmansy personality schemes, the ones where you have to ask questions and add scores and triangulate the lexus nexus, screw that!  The Wakefield Doctrine is, as we say, unique and productive and most of all…it is fun!

Damn!  I really am excited for you (…lol yeah…excited…lol ) no seriously…I know that it will/may be a while, but  later today or tomorrow someone in your life will do something or say something and the proverbial light bulb will appear above your head and then a thought balloon…”Holy shit that is what they mean by a clark!”, listen to him, “how rogerian!” or man, “what a scott!“…and things will never quite be the same.

Welcome to the Doctrine.

(…ewww…fictional high school student to writer claiming to be real….omg there are too many places to start…never mind…just one question: WHY?…)

Sorry, folks. You know how sometimes a song sticks in your head and the only way to get rid of it…

(…so to help the rest of us get that out of our minds…fictional and otherwise…? )

Don’t forget, there are no stupid questions….only your questions…(borrowed from a famous advertising guy from the ’50s)

clarkscottrogerAbout clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three…but mostly one.

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