On the scotts…

So you read the pages on clarks, scotts and rogers over at the Wakefield Doctrine and have been “trying on” each type in order to better understand which of the three you are. Still confused? Don’t be. The thing to keep in mind is that we all have some of each of the three personalities. It is the predominance of the characteristic traits of one which is the key. Don’t try to be the one that you think is the nicest or smartest. It don’t work that way folks. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking “shit, there’s no way that I’m a scott…. They’re rude, obnoxious, mean and downright scary…” That was my impression of the scottian personality when I first read about the three. And wouldn’t you know it? Damn if I wasn’t  a scott. What a fuckin’ riot!!

I can tell you right now that after you’ve read this post and watched the video  your opinion of scotts will have changed.

This video is from the Wakefield Doctrine Phone Blog we have here every  Saturday Night. Yep, that’s right. Now you can call and ask questions or join the discussion every Saturday Night 8:00 to 8:45 pm EST. conf# 1-218-339-0422, access code 512103.

In the car and the dashboard on this particular night we had all three types (2 clarks, 2 scotts and 1 roger). Seeing as the lines were unusually quiet that night Progenitor Clark decided to do an impromptu video. Just watch and then I’ll explain (as if an explanation is going to be necessary).

Now wasn’t that fun? Is the pope Catholic? Don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t recognize the scotts.

Of course I would be remiss if I left you hangin’ about the value of the Wakefield Doctrine. You know, how once you can see the world ‘through the eyes’ of another, behavior becomes understandable. Predictable. How cool is that? You can finally understanding why people do the things they do. Not only that, but the Doctrine is proving itself to actually be an effective tool in aid of an effort to change life habits. And the Wakefield Doctrine really is fun. 

So you’re thinking “Where the hell is she going with all of this? She‘s all over the place…” Well duh. Who have I been focusing on? Yes, that is correct knuckleheads. The scotts. Why you ask? Because I’m a fuckin’ scott and that’s what we do.

For a first-hand glance into the minds of the other two, go read  Girlie (hint: very ethereal) and the guy at the members only club (hint: leave yourself a little extra time for him).

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3 Responses to On the scotts…

  1. hey….do these people know that not only is the Wakefield Doctrine gender neutral (ask the Post writer) but it is also culture neutral, too?
    I’m asking ’cause I see a Visitor from Nairobi, up there in the the Live Traffic Feed there, so the question that was asked is still out there!
    There are clarks and there are scotts and (god help us) there are rogers down/over in Nairobi as well as in Minsk and even Downunder in Australia (where everything is, of course, edisnwod!!)
    It might be easier to see that the Wakefield Doctrine is gender neutral, (specially with them scotts) but with culture it is just as true, but it might take a little more work on your Readers part to spot the clarks and the rogers…
    If you are in an urban culture then you will spot the scotts racing around on their bikes and motorcycles, if you are in an agraian culture….look out for that horse and carriage, yo

    We are thinking that maybe we will limit the (nearly free) Wakefield Doctrine hats for (the damn heads) of the Readers who want to start a Wakefield Doctrine Club in their own country!! (Wakefield Doctrine Club motto: …”Well, I have a hat on my damn head, thats why!”)
    htfu, y’all

  2. but hats! a real personality theroy, the kind you can really sink your teeth into (or, in the case of rogers, your over-sized, pearly white, little piece of alfalfa stuck-between… molars) has gots to have hats!! tell me I’m lying!!
    And why does it say down there that my email is required!!? what are you gonna do? come to my house and walk around the yard outside banging on pots and pans until I come out?
    Well, if thats what you think….and, besides I wanna know which of the 3 types is the most attractive, genderifically-speaking, huh? who? (or which?)…betcha you can’t tell us that…
    …now if you will excuse me, I have to go to ‘the Facebook’ where there are so, so many nice people who just love to talk about their-own-damnselfs… next time bring out that lenny guy…he makes me laugh! I bet he would put a frying pan on his head if you dared him to!!
    http://www.wakefielddoctrine.com (if ya got the balls (or ball-like organs) then you’ll go over to the Doctrine, they’ll tell you what for…)

    • which of the 3 types is most attractive? come on people. that should be obvious. you know who it is. wait a minute… i get it. you just don’t think they deserve the credit for it. it’s so painstakingly obvious. just SAY the fuckin’ name. they already know who they are and use it to their advantage.
      god, you guys are killing me.
      you want a free hat (for your damn head) don’t ya? tell us and i promise we won’t let anyone else know you did.

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