what are you looking here for? this is a scott talking, studying ahead ain’t gonna help


As you (should) know by now, we here at the Wakefield Doctrine have been making a concerted effort to get the word on the street. You know, about how much fun and useful the Doctrine can be when applied to our everyday lives. About how with a basic understanding of the characteristics of each group (clarks, scotts and rogers), anyone can understand everyone else! You will know how those around you will act in virtually any situation. And you will understand what has never made sense to you about the people you work with, live with and/or are friends with. You will have the answer to the question, Why on earth would you do that/say that/feel that way?’ 

So let’s see who’s done their homework. Raise your hand if you think you know who you are. Anybody? (come on clark, come on out from behind the door.) We do not judge or criticize here at the Doctrine (be nice scott). Ok, maybe a little teasing from time to time (we’ll be gentle with our new readers/contributors). But it’s all in fun. Or it might just piss you off enough to leave a frickin’ comment (come on scott, not again. Our new readers are not looking for a pissing contest). Maybe defend one of your own (roger). If you’re still confused and feel that you identify with all three types, you are on the right track. It is the predominance of qualities that make us one or the other…the overall ‘style’ that makes one a clark or a scott or a roger.

So hop on over to the Wakefield Doctrine  and discover which of the three both you and those around you are. And for those of you who are too frickin’ lazy to read you can learn about the Doctrine at our video channel on YouTube. Yes, it’s over there on the right.

You can even ask that chick  or the guy with the slippers on. Maybe they can shed some light. You know, get to know them better. And then come back here again and tell me who they are.

Remember that eureka moment I was talking about last time we got together? Well here’s one from me: when all of a sudden you find yourself saying “….no wonder why he’s always the life of the party… he’s a frickin’ scott!!!” But beware – it’s not about the party.

Now run little ones and find your own. And don’t forget to share them.

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5 Responses to what are you looking here for? this is a scott talking, studying ahead ain’t gonna help

  1. whats the matter with these fuckin clams!!? they got no curiosity or what!? jeez what bunch of frickin roe jers

    By the way…did you hear that the Wakefield Doctrine was gonna do a rippoff Post of the Rosetta Stone? Yeah thats what I heard!! they might even use real people to record the pro nun c ashun just so they git it right what a bunch a clarks

    I better get away from this computer ‘fore my scottian pals see me!! never hear the end of it …..scotts RULE!!!! FUCK!!!

    • you bet your ass scotts rule. and we scream. can’t hear me? are you people wearing earplugs?! then i’ll get my fuckin’ bull horn out and drive up and down your streets. surely that will pique your curiousity. if it doesn’t then you’ve got a serious problem. (hmmm… maybe a little scare tactic. pretend i’m the police with an urgent warning. yeah, that’ll get those fuckin’ rogers to lift their frickin’ heads up from grazing)

  2. …and we have (nearly free) Wakefield Doctrine hats (on our damn heads!)

  3. Thanks for plugging GirlieOnTheEdge. And look at you! Using the very vid (or at least song) I was considering for my next post. Nix-say now.

    I need to clarify something for the readership. You (a self-proclaimed and actual scott) often “characterize” clarks as frightened little rabbits, slow ass turtles and nerds with no country. As a clark I “view” clarks differently. Naturally. BUT, you are relating how a scott views clarks (and rogers for that matter) – How most scotts “see” clarks. This is helpful. It really is enjoyable to start “playing” around with the Doctrine because it is a theory that can in fact be proven.
    I recently had the pleasure of sharing the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers with a roger. After hearing about an aquaintence(female) of his, I proceeded to tell him she was a scott. Much to my pleasure he wanted to hear more because in a matter of minutes I was able to say things about this woman (describing her behavior etc) that he was surprised I could know. And that led to a more indepth discussion about the Wakefield Doctrine.
    Have to say it was fun, a bit challenging and but as always, enlightening. All hail the Wakefield Doctrine:)

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