don’t tell me, show me these types

May 1, 2010  By clarkscottroger  Comment

Still not sure? If this site is to be anything it will be a mirror and we all know what people do with mirrors.…they look.

They look to see if the mirror shows what they think it should show…
They look to see if what we think we are shows…

But before we get too metaphysical, even though a clark will avoid the image in the mirror and a scott will be startled and bark at it and a roger will stop and stay, let us agree to try to stay on topic.

For starters, we will find images of clarks, scotts and rogers from the real world. In the first case a video clip.

Following is an example of both a clark and a scott, acting characteristically. Can you tell which is which? (Hint: clark will show himself by his words, scott by his actions.)

This one little 2 minute video clip speaks volumes. If (after watching this clip), you still don’t know what we mean by: scottian and clarklike personalities, then this blog might be a bit beyond your reach. (Hey, there are tons of  ’tell me what kind of animal I would be!!‘ websites out there. Have fun).

In the above clip, the scottian personality may seem easy (and obvious) to understand, while it is almost irresistibly tempting to over-simplify; the useful information of this example is not about Nicky attacking the guy with the pen. Rather consider the clark in this clip and the relationship between the two characters.

(Deniro’s character) Ace says it all in the (voiceover) line, ‘While I was still trying to figure out why…Nicky hit him…’

The easy part: scotts react with action, usually in the form of overwhelming force. Clarks think, the character says it, he was still thinking and the threat had been eliminated. It is not about the clark being unable to act, it is about the perceptual bias.

Clarks think, scotts act, rogers feel.

The hard part: the relationship of the two characters here, there is an inter-dependency, symbiotic to use a rogerian phrase. One needs the other, one complements the other.


Now let us consider rogers: following is a clip from the movie ‘Wolf” that shows us an interaction between a scott and a roger:

So click on the  link below (Wolf- “I’m Gonna Get You, Stewart“) that will take you to a scene from the movie ‘Wolf’.   (Quick back story: Will (Jack Nicholson) is an established editor in a publishing house that is about to get sold and Stewart (James Spader) is a young, ambitious editor who convinces the owner of the company that the way of the future is to get rid of the old and let the young be in charge. (This is a classic scenario for conflict between roger and a scott).

(“All right, class, settle down. Scott get back in your seat, leave the food alone.”)  Besides showing the way a roger might (attempt) to defend himself from a scott, this video clip is a very good illustration of the eyes (of the scott).

When looking to identify a scott, the person’s eyes will do. The eyes (of a scott) are unmistakable. The scott (being a predator) is always ‘on the look out’ for threats/food.
The expression ‘steely gaze’ is appropriate to a scott. There is an alertness, an attentiveness, a focus that is always on guard. Look (in the scene) at the difference in the eyes between the scott and the roger.

In the above movie scene, Will knows what is important and his eyes never leave Stewart.
Stewart on the other hand  is ‘bobbing and weaving’, he knows he is outmatched. He knows he is the prey in a predator/prey situation. And even though the ultimate outcome is never in doubt, rogers are not passive. (At least not entirely). Lets us consider the question: when we realise that we are being threaten, how do we respond?
Here the roger (Stewart) knows he is in trouble, so he goes to his strengths.

Though, as a roger, Stewart is a food group for the scottian Will, he puts up a fight the only way that makes sense, he tries to socialize.

Listen to what he says:  ‘I love you’
(Jesus Christ, he did say that.) Because that is the world that the roger lives in, a world grounded in, frame in, established in : emotion.

At the same time watch Stewart’s  eyes, he knows he is in trouble and is desperate to find a way out.  You can see the calculation that is going on in his head as the situation leaves his control.

There is no fight in fight fo flight for Stewart. He will run if he can, but the best he can do is try to appeal to Will’s social side.
Good luck with that

clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: 1) to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three…but mostly one

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2 Responses to don’t tell me, show me these types

  1. just to increase the chances that our Ms. AKH gets mad hits with this Post, allow me to insert a link:

  2. damn! how clear can we make it?
    For people new to the Wakefield Doctrine, like any other system of thought, in order to illustrate certain abstract concepts we often employ examples that exaggerate the ideas we are trying to convey.
    In both of these clips we see a scottian personality in action, one (Joe Pesci) a little more dramatic than the other…lol (the thing about the first video is that Robert Deniro’s voice-over tells what we want to demonstrate about the scottian personality types better than if we wrote the lines ourselves!) …while I still trying to figure out…. (who’s the clark in this scene? lol)

    The second film clip is less noisy but no less demonstrative of the scottian personality. In this case we have a clear example of one of the primary identifying characteristics of the scott….the eyes! Two men…one scott…do I need to tell which is which?

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