No more guessing (if you know the 3 personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine)

In a relationship? Trying to read his/her mind? Not sure where it’s going?

If you were aware of the personalities (clarks, scotts and rogers) there would be no second guessing. With an understanding of each characteristic type you will be able to fully understand why he/she is acting the way they are.

The Wakefield Doctrine will set you free! It is the characteristic behavior and perception of reality which makes you a clark, a scott or a roger. And though we all have some of each it is predominance of qualities of one over the other that constitutes individual behavior. And by understanding this behavior you will be able to see the world through the eyes of others.

  • clarks think
  • scotts act
  • rogers feel

Now that you know what the Doctrine can do for you, you don’t have to second guess yourself. If you’re in a relationship, for example, you don’t need to be a mind reader to understand what your partner is thinking.  Or what his/her intentions are. No more doubt. And though the result may not be what you wished for at least you are not blindly going forward without a road map. Yeah, that’s what the Wakefield Doctrine is. A road map. How fucking cool is that?

So take a spin around the worlds of the guy with his head in the sky, the one who is certain and chases little red balls and the historian. They can be found in the next town over. Then drive back here and tell me whether or not this is helping you deal with your relationship. Hell, try to tell me it hasn’t changed your life for the better. I know you won’t be able to.

Go on…. Start up the car. And don’t forget to wear your seatbelt. It may be a bumpy road at first, but don’t worry. You can’t break it. You’ll find your way around (with your trusty road map of course).

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2 Responses to No more guessing (if you know the 3 personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine)

  1. “In the dark I like to read his mind. But I’m frightened of the things I might find…” pretty much sums it up. With the Wakefield Doctrine you’ll know, good or bad, what you’ll find.

  2. where the hell are the Comments!! Where the hell are the questions!!?!
    We know you are reading this…(feedjit? to right of this Post? see)

    …so we are to believe that you have read and totally do not have any questions ( ‘look at the giant brain on Brad’ J Winnfield ) and you are all totally out there with the Wakefield Doctrine…having fun and self-improving yourselfs right now….that is what you would have us believe?

    Alright we believe….pretty frickin selfish aren’t ya? This Doctrine is handed to you free of obvious charge and you can’t exert the tiniest bit of energy required to write a little Comment and thank MS. AKH for going through all the effort to put this out there…

    …write a Comment

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