Understanding Your Personality Type and Self-improvement

Funny thing (funny as in weird for a scott) in my last post. I was a frickin’ clark! And what’s scarier is that at the time I didn’t realize it until I had just about finished the post. You see, we at the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) have been doing an “experiment,” if you will, on harnessing our other 2 aspects. I know you know what I mean by “other 2”. WHAT??? You don’t? OK. I’ll explain it since obviously I have to for some of you who may not have been following the Doctrine. Which, by the way, is your loss. The Wakefield Doctrine is predicated upon the idea that everyone experiences the world/reality differently from one of from three overlapping but distinctive perspectives. Oh hell, I’m not gonna re-write the “About page.” Go over here and then come back. If you don’t, none of this post will make any sense to you.

OK. Now that we have that cleared up… This so-called experiment is all about self-improvement and understanding of others. The Doctrine is a tool which can be used to improve your life. Be open minded and you will discover new things about yourself and others that you never knew and apply them. And because the Doctrine is about 3 personality types (and remember, we all some of each) it enables you to be in the world of the other two. It is not about replacing what you already know about yourself but rather enhancing it. Check out this video out and you’ll understand why.

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3 Responses to Understanding Your Personality Type and Self-improvement

  1. Jason Ellis says:

    Guess I’m a scott then :) I’m checking out this doctrine now.

    • LOL… Scotts are the most fun in my opinion. But then again I’m a scott too!

      I visited your site and I believe that The Wakefield Doctrine and the worldviews of each of the three types (clarks, scotts and rogers – or Type A, Type B, Type C, if it makes one more comfortable…) is, in addition to your videos, an excellent tool for anyone who suffers from Social Anxiety or a lack of confidence.

  2. (she’s right, you know)….don’t believe me? Then ask her yourself! Write a Comment and ask the question: if you are a scott, chances are you will use this here Comment format here. If you are a roger, you like the immediate response…but you think you would call in to the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive instead* and if you are a clark…you need to think about it a little…because…you are a a frraid….that’s right, you ascairt.
    Cut it out. You know that what you are reading here is true and therefore useful, otherwise you would not have gotten this far.
    So. Listen to the nice scottian lady, she knows what she is talking about and she will be happy to help you understand how useful all this can be to you in your life, (yes the life that could use a little, …tuning up? shall we say?) Write or call…you will not regret it.

    *but you won’t

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