You’ve always been the same personality type. Now you know who and why.

A scott? Ya think?!

Once you realize which of the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine you are (clark, scott or roger) there’s no going back. Not only will your entire perspective of the people you know and the world you live in make complete sense, but in addition everything you did as a child growing up will as well. It’s pretty frickin’ amazing.

I was astonished by the fact that, not knowing at the time that I was a scott, how I spent my youth was exactly as it should’ve been for a scott. A little background: There were a lot of woods and streams where I grew up until about 2nd grade. I can remember spending hours exploring. Looking for beavers near their dams. Watching the fish in the crystal clear water (predator). As I grew older I was never really concerned with what people thought. I knew a lot of kids but had just a handful of close friends. I was able to run with any crowd at any given time. I guess this kind of made me a loner but in a good flexible way that I could use to my advantage (that predator thing again). Still do. But enough about me. Too many “mischief-maker” stories.

Try this: knowing “who” you are now, go back in time of your memories since the age of 3 or 4. Think about the stuff you used to do as a pre-pubescent child. How you interacted with other kids and friends.

  • Always felt like an outsider? (clark)
  • Daydreamer? (clark)
  • Always thought it would be better to be someone else?(clark)

  • You are at the 5th birthday party of your best friend…now start to make a wish and you blow out the candles (scott)
  • You decide that your wagon can keep up with a car if you put enough grease on the wheels and build a ramp off the roof of the porch in front of the house (scott)
  • Always felt like you needed to fit in and be like the others (roger)
  • One of those kids who was fascinated with creating live, working railroad tracks complete with a functioning train that blew out steam, railroad station with passengers, and carefully placed landscape. (roger)

Whoever you may be, isn’t it amazing to see yourself and say “geez, I really was/am a clark (or a scott or a roger)…” You will realize that you are the same person now as you were then as it relates to your personality type. It’s some damn cool stuff.

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6 Responses to You’ve always been the same personality type. Now you know who and why.

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  3. so, you think if you look back at your childhood that will be the easiest way to know which of the three personality types a person is? Huh? Is that what you are saying?! is it?

    • Jennifer says:

      OK buddy. Calm down…
      Yes I do. If you already know your type looking back will reinforce it.
      If you’re not sure which of the 3 types you are then absolutely look back at your childhood behavior. It will give you the answer. After all, we become a clark or a scott or a roger by the age of about 7.

  4. Life is good…. Just a ball of fun for us scotts. Never a dull moment.

  5. HEY! good Post…you scotts have it easy! To identify yourselfs in childhood….look for the kid rolling around in the snow with only a tee shirt on…look for the girl beating up the boy….scotts!!

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