Through the Lens of clarks, scotts and rogers

As you may have noticed, my posts are not written on a regular basis. I attribute this to being a scott. You know, the one chasing shiny things. Easily distracted. Funny as hell. The “life of the party.”*

That being said, as I sit here I am unable to come up with anything scintillating for a post. So, today’s post is taken directly from The Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers). It consists of real-life personal experiences from each of the 3 types and will give you a better insight and understanding of each type. Rather amusing actually. What way could be cooler to see how clarks, scotts and rogers think than to actually see the world/experiences through their eyes? So click on the link above and enjoy!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to come back here and let me know, just from reading these experiences, which type you related to the closest. And any other remarks like, “Wow, now I get why (fill in the blank) can be so (fill in the blank)!”

*the life of the party, the scott, is not being entertaining because he/she likes you or your dress, the scott is simply establishing where the other scotts are, who is dominant and where the prey-type personality people are in the setting. (excerpt from the “Scotts” page of the Doctrine)

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4 Responses to Through the Lens of clarks, scotts and rogers

  1. Why not give it away?! Oh wait, clarks do that. LOL
    Good post today Jennifer Wilson or do you prefer Ms. AKH of the Wakefield Doctrine fame, of the Saturday Night Drive Time Call In Show at the Wakefield Doctrine? “What? Today is Saturday and you will be there? Shit damn! So will I!”
    Good post. Simple. To the point. And may I just say you got a bit of a rogerian thang goin’ on with pulling out a Doctrine post from…..2010.
    As a result of your post today I am going to scramble and go through my drawers (yeah, you scotts would make a crude joke over that one. lol) and pull out my scottian glasses. Gonna see if I can get all scottian on somebody, anybody today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. …what the hell is this I hear about you people having some kinda radio show or telethon or something where you, like talk to people and stuff and how you have these people…one is real sexy and one real sexy and smart and one is real sexy and reserved and one is like funny but then yells like someone with the tourniquet disease where he like yells whatever comes into his head and then theres this smart guy who like totally brings it all down with like theories….you know anything about that?
    huh, do ya?

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