As much a way of looking at life as it is a ‘theory of personality’, the Wakefield Doctrine has proven itself to be not only useful but fun. Not limited to being a checklist of personality traits, the Wakefield Doctrine lets you see the people in your life in a way that will have you saying “…so that’s why they act that way!”

The Wakefield Doctrine is not a “personality self-test” but rather a unique and viable theory of personality types. Using the descriptions of the three personality types (clarks and scotts and rogers) you will find yourself saying, “…god! what a roger he is!” or maybe you will be at a party and think to yourself “…that’s what they mean by being a scottian woman, she’s got those guys following her around like a bunch of little puppies…” and you might just say to a friend, “you know, you don’t always have to act like such a clark, nobody is laughing at you.”

Of course there is also a website devoted entirely to this theory of 3 personality types:


Go there only if you are feeling confident in yourself (….you’ll find out what that means when you get there)!!

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