Which Personality Type is in Your Dreams?

Special post today for our readers about the efficacy of the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers). If you have been following the Doctrine and are familiar with the premise and 3 personality types this is gonna blow your mind. And for those of you who are new go here and come back. It will all make sense.

As you know, we utilize the Doctrine in our everyday lives to understand not only ourselves but everyone else. To explain why people say and do the things they do. Everyone who starts with the Doctrine says/thinks the same thing: “I know I must be a scott but then sometimes it is clear that I am a roger…” Well that is, in fact, true. Remember, it is the predominant characteristics of each that determine “who” we are. I am a scott, but my other 2 aspects are always there below the surface.

What would you say if I told you that our other 2 aspects can also come out subconsciously while we are asleep in a dream state without any conscious effort to “bring” them out? After all our subconsciousness is actually the “in-filtered” version of ourselves.

Well it’s true! It does happen! How cool is that? Kind of scary? Maybe. You see, as we continue to grow the Doctrine we are learning new facets. Want proof positive? Well I’ve got it for you. The other night the Progenitor Clark had a nightmare. Go read what is was about here and then come back. Don’t forget to read the comments too. You’re gonna be saying “Holy Shit!!!”

tap, tap, tap…  Oh you’re back!

So what do you think? The Doctrine never sleeps. Even when we do. This is both an amazing yet perhaps scary (in a good way) example of the validity of the Doctrine. Of how powerful the personality type theory of the Wakefield Doctrine is. If you don’t believe me then maybe you should go take a nap….

Fucking awesome video… and David Guilmour’s guitar solo? Wow…

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3 Responses to Which Personality Type is in Your Dreams?

  1. Um, clarkscottroger? Wake up and write another comment!
    Perfect music by which to drift off to neverneverland…..

    Despite the comments left previous to this one, I will say that to realize during dreamstate that there has been a “change” within oneself is amazing. I concur that The Wakefield Doctrine, if applied to oneself in the search for self development, is like no other “system” or personality theory out there. Works for me.

  2. yes, the Doctrine does not, indeed, ever sleep. Better than hypo-learning.

    Want to have a better you?…no, you do not have to tear what you are…just find the new and other things that are possible in your (other) two world views…there you go.

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