What does “a dead balloon is a dead balloon” have to do with Personality Types? Nothing.

Where to start? How would a scott answer that question without hesitation or reservation? OK then. No need to elaborate…

Alright then, moving right along. Bright squeaky balloons that are alive are a source of fun for a scott. But when they die, we (yes, I’m a scott) are sad for a moment (make that a fraction of a second). “Hey look!! There’s a shiny red ball!” And just like that we’ve forgotten about the dead balloon. It’s on to the next and the next….

  • You know those captions in cartoon pictures? Live balloons.
  • Men watching hot chicks on T.V.? Expanding balloons.
  • And we all know this one: “went over like a lead balloon”
  • How about those animal balloons that clowns make? A lot of children are afraid of clowns. And, admit it, some of you reading this are still freaked out by clowns. What if a clown sent you a balloon of a dead man? Of course they can do it! They make animals. Why not make serial killer death balloon threats?
  • Hot air balloons? You never want to be in one when it starts to deflate.
  • Ever take acid? I did once when I was in college (oh lift your jaw back up already) and everyone I saw had a balloon-shaped head. AND my fingers looked like balloons. I kid you not. What a trip that was!! Kind of reminds me of the lyrics to Comfortably Numb* (Pink Floyd) “…my hands felt just like two balloons…” Talk about psychedelic. All of you stoners remember.

Just a few of my takes on balloons. Now tell me that they aren’t a blast!!

*this song sounds even better now not being under the influence of anything mind-altering. David Gilmore is a genious.

See? It doesn’t have anything to do with personality types. But it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Plus, you can be part of it! Here’s the low-down. Over at the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)  there is a Post Writing Contest going on. The only requirement is that the title must contain the phrase “a dead balloon is a dead balloon.” Yes, you read that correctly. Other than that anything goes. For details visit the link above. Send me your entry by this Friday the 13th (yes, I know) and it will be entered in the contest. Not only that, but your Post will be linked back to your site!

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13 Responses to What does “a dead balloon is a dead balloon” have to do with Personality Types? Nothing.

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  7. Clairepeek says:

    There is funny and then there’s your entry… this was so much fun to read, plus the choice of video is more fitting than I expected. ^_^! Very smart and well spotted post, thanks for the read Jennifer!

  8. scottian all the way!!
    “serial killer death balloons” with Pink Floyd as counterpoint? Gotta love it! LOL

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  10. rogercoyne says:

    How do you spot the rogers at a David Gilmour concert?
    They’re the ones with the Heaven’s Gate t-shirts on. And a carry-on for socks and underwear.

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