Persuasive Communication: How to get what you want

“You need to accept that other people see the world differently from you. When you accept that, you will be ready to see it ‘through their eyes’ and get your message across more effectively.”*

Sounds like it came straight from the Wakefield Doctrine. In fact, the Doctrine is predicated on perception. The perception of three different personality types and how they each view the world in one of three distinct and characteristic ways. Once you have grasped these three different views of reality (piece of cake… check out this, this and this) not only will you be able to see the world through their eyes, but even be able to predict their behavior in any given situation.

This lends itself exceptionally well when it comes to persuading others to get the result that you want from them for your benefit. Sounds selfish and underminding. I know. But let’s see a raise of hands of who would relish the ability to do this. That’s what I thought. Whether it be negotiating a business contract, trying to establish a repertoire with someone or positively influencing a relationship I’d be willing to bet that you will get your way 99.9% of the time. Seriously! Here’s the deal:

1. Look at the situation through your eyes. This would be normal for you.

2. Look at the situation through their eyes. Imagine you are the other person to see and feel as they would about themselves. Look at yourself as the other person would see you.

3. Listen to yourself and the other person talking to one another.

Simply put, with the understanding of the three types, you have a lot more information about the other person’s perspective just from understanding their perception of any situation. This, in turn, gives you the most effective way to get what you want from the other person without them even being aware of the fact that you know more about them than they know themselves. Powerful stuff. The Doctrine will enable you to positively influence your relationships with others. And in doing so, you will be able to use this influence to your advantage. It is important to note that the intention of having this understanding of others is not meant to be used in a derogatory manner. So go try it. Have fun with it. I guarantee that in no time you’ll be saying to yourself “Wow! This is great! Now I can finally understand why people behave the way they do. I could’ve really used this a long time ago.” Well now you have it and now you can.

Hey look! A scott with a ball in his mouth! Mission accomplished.

*Robert Greenshields, Mind Power Marketing

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3 Responses to Persuasive Communication: How to get what you want

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  2. clarkscottroger says:

    ‘cellent Post!
    Sound proposition, yet very challenging for many. To step outside of yourself is not easy, or even to imagine that what another sees is different than what (you) see…many of us have trouble with this (“….what do you mean, the boss is nice??! We both work for the same woman and she is an asshole! You playing games? or just maybe you are trying to trick me”)

    Like that… But for those of you who are capable of getting the concept, it is very, very helpful. Not all clarks, few scotts and even fewer rogers have the mental integrity to take the risk and step out of the the security of their own worldview, even to gain such a huge benefit.

    (oh yeah, and if someone asks how they can imagine someone else’s worldview…the Doctrine says that we all have all three worldviews within us, one is the predominant one and the other two are just below the surface. In other words, you can step into that world that the other person seems to be in…ain’t easy but what the hell do you want, free?)

    • Yes it can be tricky to imagine someone else’s worldview for sure. I think that clarks have the easiest time of it. Scotts? We feel we’re fine just the way we are. But are cunning enough to know how to deal with the other two types. Scotts don’t feel the necessity to try to be someone else. And rogers? Well they have a herd mentality. Their world consists of a box. Tough to climb out of that. Even worse to have it invaded. They’ll actually try to make you feel horrible about yourself for doing do. But not to worry. Clarks and scotts know that rogers are all about emotion. No biggie.

      For all of you readers who are wondering what the heck we’re talking about and asking yourselves “Why is this so complicated?” it really isn’t complicated. Once you understand the three types you’re good to go.

      clarkscottroger makes a good point about stepping outside of yourself. However, for the purpose of this post it is not about “trying on” the other two. It is simply understanding their perceptions, looking at a situation through their eyes. Once you can do that it will become second nature. Knowing “who” you’re dealing with is the key. Below are links to each of the three types (same as those in the post in case you didn’t bother to go and read them in which case none of this is making any sense to you):




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